District 2

Take the time to view a map of District 2 and a list of schools.

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Make a difference for all students in Wake County, get involved. We must invest in their future now by putting students first and providing a quality education.


On October 8, I would appreciate your vote for Wake County School Board to represent District 2. Please fill out the form below to endorse me! I pledge to be a voice for our parents and community!

Voter Registration

All information on voting in NC can be found at Wake County Board of Elections. Click here for information on voter registration and other voter information.


I am Monika Johnson-Hostler and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the District 2 seat on the Wake County Board of Education. As a parent and the wife of a teacher, I am invested in quality education for all students.

As an advocate, I understand the importance of the voice of the parents and the community. Our community needs access to quality education and parents’ voices need to be heard. As a lifelong advocate, I value the community’s voice and understand policy and practice. I will advocate for all our students to ensure they have access to a high quality education no matter which school they attend in our District.

I strongly believe in public education. As a product of the public education system, I truly understand the role my public school teachers had in my successful career along with the positive impact it has had on my quality of life. As a Mom, I want the same for my daughter as well as all the children in Wake County. Having a daughter in third grade and a husband who is a Wake County high school math teacher, I know how important parent and community involvement is to our schools.

My entire career I have advocated on behalf of victims of violence. I know how to ask questions, how to listen, and how to be an effective problem solver. I have extensive experience mediating conflict and working with others to bring about compromises that achieve the best results.  I believe my professional skills, in addition to my firsthand experiences as a parent and wife of a teacher, will make me a very effective advocate for the families of District 2.

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